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Does your computer react slow to commands? Are you searching for a way to retrieve lost information? We can deliver the solution – our well-formulated and dependable PC and Macbook services!

We present Action Computer Services!


  • Data Recovery

Based in Santa Monica, CA, our company will provide the local computer repair services you need! Established in 2001, our company has one goal – to deliver you from any kind of computer trouble you might encounter. Our services are performed on-site, so you don’t have to worry about taking your personal computer anywhere. Here are a few of the PC repair services delivered by our company:

  • complete computer repair
  • data recovery
  • changing burnt out components
  • system upgrade
  • and more!
For a professional computer repair in the Santa Monica, CA area, choose Action Computer Services

Action Computer Services
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (310) 388-4942

Compared to any other company, Action Computer Services excels where other Santa Monica, CA computer repair companies fail. Before the performance of any service is commenced, a highly trained and experienced specialist will be sent by our company to perform an inspection, and run a full system diagnostic. After the evaluation of the situation, our professional technician will take all the necessary steps, needed to perform a high-quality computer repair service. Do not deny yourself the quality service you need!

Very often, the digital information that is stored on the computer’s hard drive can get lost – this can be the result of an accidental deleting or a failed component. In any case, if you lost information you will need a professional data recovery service. Action Computer Services advises Santa Monica, CA folks always to employ the services of a legit and qualified specialist. The reason for this is that often amateur technicians make things worse – in an attempt to perform a data recovery service, they lose even more information!

Let our Santa Monica, CA company provides you with a reliable computer repair service in

This is why you should always choose the data recovery consultant team at our company! Our professionals are more than eager to provide you with the high-quality computer services you need – without delay! Forget about the freelancers who promise you a quality service for a cheaper price – in the end, you will not be satisfied with the results but you would have already paid for a service of horrible quality. Do not allow amateurs to benefit from your lack of knowledge – get the professional computer service now!

If you have decided to upgrade your system, our company can do that as well! Increasing memory, processing power, or modifying any other aspect of the computer – we will handle it! Our business operates with companies that provide only top-grade computer parts. You can be sure when our professionals are done with your computer system, your expectations will be exceeded! Our highly experienced specialists are ready and waiting to deliver the results you desire!

In a need of data recovery service in the Santa Monica area, you can rely on us

We understand the need for a properly functioning computer system, this is why any PC repair service offered by our company is delivered at incredibly competitive prices! Give us a call on the phone number listed below, and we will be glad to provide you with complete information on our services or prices!

What if you do not need to upgrade your computer but there is something off in the way it functions. Do you fear it might be a virus you got while surfing online or using an infected flash drive? If that is the case, do not worry because our computer repair team can also accurately locate malware (viruses) and remove them effectively with as little damage to your computer as possible. We will also explain how you caught it and what preventive measures you should take to avoid these mishaps in the future. You get the ultimate, full-service assistance with us!


Impeccable Service !

The service I have received from Action Computer over the past eight years has been impeccable.
The response is prompt, efficient and effective. I highly recommend Action Computer.

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