How Data Gets Lost

Learn Everything There Is to Know about Computer Data Recovery

People use computers for all sorts of activities, from entertainment to banking and data processing. The idea of losing data can cause quite a rumpus for some people. However, our perception of risk and the reality of risk are often two different things. In most cases, data never gets lost – it just becomes inaccessible. In order to understand data recovery, you must first learn how data can get inaccessible in the first place.

Most people think that viruses and malware programs can cause data loss. This is not true. The only thing that can make data disappear forever is a severe hard disk problem. And since viruses and malware programs can’t cause physical damage, it’s unlikely that they can delete your data permanently. However, the actions you take to remove viruses or recover data on your own can definitely lead to permanent data loss.

In order to understand the data recovery process, you must know that data never gets deleted from your hard drive – only overwritten. When you delete a file from your computer, what actually happens is the system makes the respective file inaccessible. However, the data is still on the drive. The next time you write something on the disk, the new data is written over the old one. So, the only way that you can lose your deleted file is if you write something on the disk. This brings us to one of the most important aspect of data recovery – never try to recover data on your own.

By trying to recover data on your own you can cause more harm then good. Just by simply downloading and installing a data recovery program can make you lose your data permanently. This happened due to the fact that everything you do after your data was deleted can make your system overwrites your files. So, the solution is to remove the hard drive and install it as a secondary device on a computer that has a healthy operating system.

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