In What Cases Even a Data Recovery Service Can’t Help You

Lost your data?

Here at our company we specialize in data recovery. However, there are certain situation when even we cannot help you save your data. This article will show you several such scenarios.

1. Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, not all data recovery services can function during catastrophic events. Users should be sure their service provider has multiple locations. This is so if one location is affected by an event, there are others to act accordingly. Also, natural disasters may cause outages—resulting in users’ inability to get their system back up. In this instance, there isn’t much a service provider can do.

2. Amount of Data Being Backed up

According to Veeam’s Virtualization Data Protection Report 2013, approximately 68% of CIOs feel their backup and recovery tools are rendered less effective as the amount of data and servers in their infrastructure grows. In addition to this, there are various reports that project the amount of data to grow through the year. As such, its up to users to manage their data as effectively as possible. The effectiveness of a data recovery service is greatly affected by how users manage their data before recovery is needed.

3. Outdated/Unrefined Recovery Plan

Unorganized, outdated, unrefined, or otherwise lack luster recovery plans can cripple the effectiveness of a service. So, be sure your staff is on the same page—i.e. a fully encompassing preparedness strategy is in place, and that everybody knows it. In doing this, prioritize data accordingly, utilize your staff and work as a team, analyze and evaluate onsite recovery options, and initialize testing of your recovery service/plan.

4. Poor Organization

This stems from the last point – poor organization can make recovery much harder than it needs to be or even impossible—i.e. it can make it harder to locate and restore data/files. As such, be sure to properly index and manage your data. One can do this through electronic mage cataloging, creating data access controls, and stick to a retention schedule.

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